Letter from Director

Dear fellows,


Thank you for joining hands for Irrtiqa. Irrtiqa is the name of continuous and restless effort towards evolution for making this world a better place to live for everyone. We know that hate, disrespect, insecurity, intolerance, social anxiety and disorder are the core areas which are ruining our society especially young generation including children and women.


Our youth is facing gender & ideology based violence and discrimination. Poverty, poor health, lack of education and lack of awareness are other connected factors which are igniting the flame of destruction of our social fabrics. In such circumstances, as responsible citizen, it’s our duty to work for building and constructing the society with peace, respect, love & dignity. For such purpose, at Irrtiqa, we are working for Integrity, Rising, Revolution, Transparency, Innovation, Quality & Awareness. When these values join together, it transforms into “IRRTIQA” of society.


Irrtiqa of social awareness, social values, self – respect, honor and integrity. Aiming this goal, we are working since 1990 and the journey still continues. Although its long way but we are not tired, we are not afraid. We’re optimists, we are hopeful & we believe by doing these acts of kindness, we can lead the right person towards the right direction. We can help every person get the chance to live a healthy, productive life not only for individually but also for the society.


Khawaja Mazhar Siddique




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