History of Irrtiqa

(1990 – Present)


The name Irrtiqa is Arabic word which means “Evolution”, the gradual development, a continuous struggle towards progress growth. Logo of Irrtiqa consists of four colors, yellow, blue, red and green. Yellow color represents hope and happiness, blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom and heaven, red represents energy and determination while green color represents life, harmony and nature. Logo of Irrtiqa symbolizes four pillars of society (Awareness, Education, Health and Well-being) working together for a civilized society.


The journey of Irrtiqa began in 1990 when some volunteers gathered under the umbrella of Phool Club Multan (a project by a national newspaper) and started contributing through their restless efforts for transforming the society. Later in 2003, Phool Club Multan was renewed as Pakistan Children & youth Forum (PCYF), a totally independent platform striving towards humanity and social development.


Since PCYF wasn’t a legally registered society due to some legal issues. So, PCYF changed its name and recognized itself as Irrtiqa Organization and got registered in 2013 under the Societies Registration Act 1860. Since then to till now, it’s working restlessly for the people of Pakistan in the areas of social awareness and social development. Several significant personalities from different fields of life are part of Irrtiqa and are playing their role to transform the society a better place to live for everyone.

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