Study Group


Study Group was designed by Irrtiqa Organization to develop writing habit among young generation. It has now more than 500 members (including men & women from different fields of life) who are actively participating for social development and awareness through their writings.


Book Reading Forum


Book Reading Forum is a project initiated by Irrtiqa Organization in which every month, a book review is presented on any book which has influenced the society at large. This project was launched to develop reading habit in young generation and is successfully continuing since last couple of years. This program is attended by people from every walk of life at large and is being appreciated.


Kahani Ghar (Story Telling)


Story – Telling is a popular tradition of every time and age in every society. It not only develops listening skills in children but also boost their creative, artistic and aesthetic imagination. Since 1990, Story – Telling is being successfully organized with title of Kahani Ghar in Multan and other areas. In Kahani Ghar, Irrtiqa has carries on the concept of granny/grand ma who chair the event and after listen stories of children; she sums up the event by telling her own story.


Young Professionals Training Program


Young Professionals Training Program is a project by Irrtiqa in which, young leaders and trainers are trained by different professional trainers.


Tarbiyat e Atfaal Program (TAP)


Tarbiyat e Atfaal Program (TAP) is an exclusive program by Irrtiqa Organization in which, our focus is children. At Irrtiqa, we identify the core issues being faced by them and then give them proper and applicable guidance so that our children may live their dreams.


Public School Support Program


Public School Support Program revolves around promoting education in underprivileged areas by providing stationary, uniform, furniture and other related services so that children from all parts and walks of the society may have an equal opportunity to get education.

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