MASTER focuses to bring out the hidden talent of the children in the field of science, arts, mathematics etc. Through MASTER, Irrtiqa aims to make every child a MASTER, bringing out creativity, artistic skills & better research methods by which, students may learn out of the box. They may become good learner & good citizen to play their role towards a better society for better future. Through various training & workshops, student will learn creative and innovative ideas to become MASTER of their field.


Life Line by Irrtiqa


Suicide in Pakistan specifically and generally all over the world has been a long-term social issue and is a common cause of unnatural death. The concept of project “Life Line by Irrtiqa” revolves around hunting of potential suicidal attempts and taking them to a healthy life. The project is actually well-being of human beings.




PlanTree is an exclusive eco-friendly project dedicatedly designed for environmental development and protection. In this project, Irrtiqa aims to create awareness among civil society by various means like awareness seminars, road shows, road & street art activities workshops and tree plantation in designated areas. PlanTree will also help the citizens to produce organic food and vegetables in their own home.


Quarterly Irrtiqa


At Irrtiqa, we are exclusively working to launch official magazine of Irrtiqa Organization titled as “Irrtiqa”. It would be a quarterly magazine consisting of children, youth and women rights related material, reports, stories, columns & article including activity reports of Irrtiqa.




iTalk is designed on a professional theme. At iTalk, we invite different significant personalities from different walks of life who share their ideas, views and discuss various social, cultural, national and international issues.

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